Property Management / Leasing

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Leeandg Real Estate Services

Real estate is one of the arms of our company that is growing really fast in recent times and we have channeled much energy into it in order to have the best of what excellent real estate has got to offer. Both our highly esteemed clients and investors stand the chance to enjoy and benefit from our excellent and trust worthy services. You are welcome.

Letting / Leasing

Our company, Leeandg takes a customer service approach when it comes to letting / leasing.

The leasing team at Leeandg has been letting and leasing rental property for over 10 years

We currently staff  real estate experts to serve as our Leasing Agent and find the highest qualified tenants for our rental properties. We also ensure that every property is equipped to satisfy our respective clients need

MCConway construction company Castleber on going.

JJ Rhatigan construction Roscommon housing project completed

Jj Rhatigan housing project knocknacara Galway completed

Jj Rhatigan housing project knocknacara Galway completed

Property Management

At Leeandg, we take care of your investment property like it was our own. Our highly esteemed maintenance team handles all repair if need be. With every repair, leeandg has two goals: make the tenant happy, satisfied and protect your investment. Tenants  always love prompt  response to repair/ fixes when and where necessary . We  provide 24-hour emergency service for repairs that need to be taken care of immediately.

Our property management team also take care of all rental agreements, rent collection, move-in and move-out processing, and evictions when necessary.

Facility management in view

Facility management in view


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