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MATERIALS Picture Materials used in production are recognised as having the highest quality standards available in the INTERNATIONAL MARKETS CELLS Picture Our Cells are made as per our specifications, featuring a low-lost power; they allow stable longlasting production. They feature 156x156mm dimensions and silicon used is of first class quality! EVA Picture The Italian made Eva allow perfect matching during rolling phases, thus avoiding any possible presence of air. Furthermore the finished product is packed by us in temperature controlled environment. TEST & CLASSIFICATIONS Picture At the end of production line, finished products are subject to a two-phase-testing: phase 1 – finished modules are subject to an isolating test at 1000 V.Phase 2 – the modules are lifted and locked by the robot and subject to sunlight “flashing” simulations.At the end of phase 2, final products are labeled following flash-test reports. Each module will have a unique serial number, following specific features that will be kept in Energica archives. BACKSHEET Picture Rear side of the modules is traditionally white (except for models Serra 40 where it is transparent and for Nero 60 which is black). The model PPE+ , granted by our supplier DUNMORE as most efficient in the market, has reached excellent product final tests. RIBBON Picture This is the top “plate” wire, allowing perfect welding of cells and creating strings of 10 pcs. each GLASS Picture The glass thickness grants long lasting against worse environmental conditions: wind, snow, ice, hail. Our glasses are specifically designed to resist against strong winds, under several meters of snow and against heavy hails. The glasses we use do not present iron oxides; this important feature will keep the glass transparent, thus avoiding the classic phenomenon of “yellowing” which may cause a reduction of productivity along the years. WAREHOUSE & PACKING Picture In order to grant high quality standards at 360°, we make sure that our customers receive our products in perfect conditions and properly packed on pallets for easy unloading and reloading procedures. For the above reason we apply plastic corner spacers between each module in order to keep always few centimeter distance between one and the other. Additionally, this way the weight is distributed uniformly on all 4 corners, thus avoiding any contact with panels underneath. Last but not least, the panels can be easily removed from pallet in few seconds, without torsions or risk of damages for the other panels. Picture Energica is located in 3.000 square meter plant. The modern dust elimination system applied allows a very high level of quality standards. The production line as well as the most delicate materials are located in a specific temperature controlled environment , in order to avoid any thermic change which could eventually cause product damages. Once strings are approved, they are moved by KUKA robot over the glass which has been previously covered with a first EVA coating process. The rolling phase takes place in 18 minutes, in order to make sure that the full materials incapsulation process is regularly completed. Our rolling system works under pressure, vacuum and high temperature conditions. All 3 parameters are constantly controlled during every single phase of the process.Perfect cleaning and maximum order are additional elements to grant a final high quality product. On our modules we only use QUALITY junction boxes leading Company for this segment of products. The box is supplied with top quality o-rings in order to grant waterproof tightening. All silicones we use are LOCTITE products. Incapsulation FRAMES Picture Our frames are totally made in Italy and thanks to accurate finishing, there are no leakage inside the module. Low quality modules in the market often present uncorrect sealings and might get damaged during winter season. It is in fact in this period that water may enter inside the frame and then easily turn into ice, causing glass cracks. In short time the module will be damaged not only aesthetically but also from a functional point of view. Our frames have been designed in order to fit perfectly with the other components used, thus granting maximum adherence to the laminate; few millimeters distance is granted by us in order to ensure a proper thermal expansion of aluminum and glass, materials presenting different thermal expansion coefficients. The closing of the frame is granted by a special blocking bracket, featuring several steel harmonic teeth. Those teeth are directly impacting over aluminum, thus avoiding the module to be accidentally opened as result of thermal expansion; leakages are consequently avoided.


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